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Obviously, no one has taken Gross Anatomy recently, and the so-called experts you list, must have graduated from K-mart U, in medical malpractice.

The "skull" you are referring to, is a PELVIS! The bottom holes are in the ischium, and the ileum is in the upper half. The nose is the Sacrum (tailbone), not a nose. You are looking at the posterior view of a female pelvis, with the sacrum in the midpicture. The flat bone on the top is the upper 1/3 of the ileum, folded over.

John Mills
(Biology Major)

<02.03.2002> "I saw a ET who had a plate like structure like this as part of his head..." Vinnie Allbrittom. <01.03.2002> "I think it is a PELVIS not a skull." James Neff. Enoch Wallace <> John Mills < >