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The face is actually looking like a tail. Four radial apertures likely passages for tail musculature, with the articulating surface (central) appear to be ground off. Absolutely nothing indicating the remote possibility of this being a skull, although if you look at it right it kind of looks like the Predator from the movies (take a look at the comparison photos below). Suggest looking at Binford, Lewis, "Bones" book, as well as other zooarchaeology texts. Looks like it may have been butchered and processed for bone grease/marrow, or soup stock. No apparent canine or rodent gnawing, but clear evidence of erosion/softening of bone due to burial, moist storage, or processing.

The Skull The Predator

<29.05.2002> "It is a PELVIS of a TURTLE." Jurgen Baaden. <08.03.2002> "This is a 'faked' composite of a couple of different bones..." Badger (Clinical Pathology Scientist and Bio major). Enoch Wallace <> Erik and Laura <>